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Auslogics BoostSpeed ??- a popular set of tools to optimize and configure your operating system. With this program you can greatly optimize your system , to easily configure various settings Windows, clean your hard disk and registry of debris and unnecessary records to defragment disks and registry and optimize the speed of your Internet connection and much more.
Program features:
Cleaning the computer disk from unnecessary files
Cleaning the registry of errors and unnecessary entries
Find and delete duplicate files
Defragment your hard drive
Defragmenting the registry to increase productivity
The acceleration and optimization of Internet connection
Defragmenting and cleaning of your computer's memory
Clear browser history , programs and remove traces
Lock the possible ways of intrusion into the computer from the outside
Securely delete files and folders from your computer
Complete cleaning disks from previously deleted files
Setting up the operating system using the hidden features
Configuring System Services on your system
Managing the installed programs and remove them
Managing the list of programs at startup
Get detailed information about your system
View running processes with detailed information about each process
Quick access to built -in Windows tools
Registry Cleaner and Registry Defrag are included in BoostSpeed ??as separate tools now.
All scanners now include an option to select categories for scanning.
Added hints to describe various interface elements and operation progress.
Added current update status.
Improved data presentation on the statistics page.
Platform: Win 8 (32 or 64 bit), Win 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista SP2 ( 32 -bit only), XP SP3 ( 32 -bit only)
Language : English
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