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CubeDesktop NXT comes with several, breathtaking effects that take your desktop experience to the next level. Manage your workspace in a true 3D, live and totally interactive environment.
Virtualization of up to sixteen desktops
CubeDesktop NXT now can create up to sixteen virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and helping you to banish clutter.
Every single desktop may have its own wallpaper and icons. Change your Windows wallpaper as usual and arrange your icons using your favourite layout on every single desktop, CubeDesktop NXT just remembers everything when you switch between desktops.
Scriptable and integrable
CubeDesktop NXT offers its functionality to third party applications, allowing them to control it.
Developers can launch effects from within their own applications.
Users can create script files using a natural, easy to learn and understand language.
CubeDesktop NXT also includes an integrated icon manager, allowing you to quickly and easily choose which icons are shown on every desktop.
Keep your sensible applications protected
Tag your virtual desktops as private, so their contents can only be watched using a password. This way you can protect your information from curious eyes.
Fully integrated with Windows 7 & 8
CubeDesktop NXT is designed to fully integrate into the Windows 7 and 8 taskbar, offering an optimal user experience.