Download key generator for Sounds To Sample - Voices in the Dark 1 - 2

Enjoy the accursed utterances of a one eyed madman in sounds to samples first spoken word pack, Voices In The Dark. Now anyone can easily increase the depravity factor in their spooky Halloween themed track with the nefarious and rancorous articulations of two damned souls sure to rot in the firey pits of hell for all eternity.The S2S crew return from the nether regions of darkness with more spoken word samples for your latest depraved and rancorous production, Voices In T he Dark 2!
Return addressed to the endless kingdom of misery, Voices in the Dark 2 rises from the ashes of a smokeless flame to bring you over 1GB of spoken word samples that could only be described as the most horrific and unholy atrocities humanity has to offer!
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