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priPrinter is a printer driver that allows you to manipulate printer output before it is printed. priPrinter is installed and selected in the same way as other printer drivers. After printing it automatically displays print preview where you can preview your printings, change layout, reposition pages, crop them and many more. After that you print it to the real printer or save your document for later using. With priPrinter you always will be sure how your printings will look. You may measure items on the paper, define margins and pages layout. There is no need to print again and again trying to achieve desired placement.
Provides every feature you need to make your print easy and simple.
Preview your printing in many ways. Explore content of your jobs.
Print to images. You may save your prints to various image formats.
Booklet and posters.
Duplex printing.
Print themes
Loupe tool.
Margins and gutters. Change margins and gutters with mouse click and drag.
Crop and Cut. Remove blank space and redundant information.
Small and fast.
Save jobs to file.
Tray control
* Works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.
* Available in: English, German, Italian, Russian
* 32 and 64-bit versions.
ould be used for fast theme selection.
This update brings Slovenian translation and many small fixes in almost every aspect of priPrinter application.
* Slovenian translation is added.
* Russian Help is now available separately or us part of localised installer. Please visit priPrinter Russian page.
* Fixed issue with printing jobs with mixed orietation. Sometimes, when crop is applied, pages with orientation or paper size different from first page may be clipped.
* Ruler is changed, now it should handle pages with mixed size and orientations.
* Fixed an issue in JPEG import module. CMYK and YCCK color spaces now should be imported correctly. Issue was related to printing MS Word documents with embedded JPEG files.
* Fixed an issue with moving or pasting content with circles defined by two points. Related to the following bug report.
* Fixed very rare issue with wrong clip regions.
* Many improvemements related to forms:
- Now it is possible to save form settings right inside form file - new option in Save Form dialog.
- Added an ability to resave currently selected form (with new settings).
- Form margins can be saved into form file.
P-DF publisher now resepcts form specific margins.
M-any small fixes related to forms.
* A rare crash with sending job to recycle bin is fixed.
* PIck button in priPrinter Preferences dialog is improved. Also fixed an issue with retrieving settings from some printers.
* A crash in dupex detection code was fixed. Problem was related to some drivers, which can return wrong size of configuration structure.
* Many optimizations in PDF publisher (PRO).
* An issue in Warning Message about printing to protected printer should be fixed. Previously, quantity of papers to print, sometimes, was wrong.
* Small PDF issue related to line segments joing mode is fixed (PRO).
* A crash after redo/undo of page deletion is fixed.
* Many corrections in help file.