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VideoReDo TVSuite - program for editing and editing MPEG video files, effects, synchronization of audio track and more. Quick to use and easy to handle MPEG files editor (editing, authoring and burning a DVD, including recording TV). Supports MPEG1 editing (including VCD), MPEG2 editing (including DVB-T, DVD & SVCD), as well as editing streaming High Definition (HD). VideoReDo TVSuite will help you record your favorite TV shows on DVD and video to provide a variety of tools for editing them
Some features and capabilities:
Editing H.264 / AVCHD
With TVSuite H.264, you can edit H.264/AVC, MP4 and WTV files as easily as you change your old files MPEG2.
Converting Files for iPhone / iPod and other portable devices
TVSuite H.264 support full transcoding between H.264 and MPEG2 for all popular formats used in portable devices.
Creating a DVD with one button
With a single click "Create DVD", you can quickly create and record original MPEG video faster and easier.
Intuitive graphical user interface
TVSuite provides intuitive simplicity to user navigation while remaining highly functional and flexible application that provides the user with the optimum balance between easy-to-use and intuitive approach that supports its robust features and functionality.
Simple installation to manually create DVD menus
TVSuite comes with a rich set of ready-made menu templates to create a richly decorated DVD. You can customize or create your own templates using the built-in editor to give your DVD of your own, unique look.
Automatic down conversion from HD to SD
While, as VideoReDo TVSuite does the job of editing high-definition video (HD), DVD can be played in programs mode standard definition (SD).
Opens. IFO files directly for reavtoringa (unencrypted DVD-ROM drive)
If you want to edit material that has been previously recorded on an unencrypted DVD, TVSuite can import the titles directly from the DVD or copy DVD to hard disk. Original settings of the source DVD are saved if you decide to authorize a DVD after editing.
Use your standalone DVD-recorder to record video
All you need to do is copy your DVD to a computer and edit.
Preview editing in real time
Allows you to check your work before you save to make sure that you choose the best settings.
Works with many formats
MPEG1, MPEG2, TS, Windows MCE DVRMS files, Siemens M740AV, CRID, Topfield and REC files. The result is that VideoReDo TVSuite works with a variety of TV PVR and DVR formats.
Editing MPEG video is a snap with VideoReDo. This section will take you through the basic features and capabilities of the program.
VideoReDo works directly with compressed digital video, specifically MPEG1 and MPEG2. It allows you to remove unwanted scenes from a video program (cutting) and piece together scenes from multiple programs into one seamless file (joining). Since VideoReDo works without decoding and re-encoding the source material, the original video quality is preserved through multiple edits. Edit points are accurate to a single frame, and, with a variety of rich navigation tools you can move quickly through your video programs to find the exact material you want to include or exclude from your output file.
VideoReDo will automatically fix MPEG files that contain corrupted or missing audio or video material resulting in MPEG files that stay in sync. Should your original source program not be in perfect audio / video sync, VideoReDo has the tools that let you adjust the audio back into perfect synchronization.
VideoReDo adds additional options such as real-time preview of your edits, computer assisted commercial detection, and thumbnail previews. TVSuite adds the additional capabilities to import your titles from a DVD as well as author and burn DVDs.
Changes in version 4.21.6-674:
Change WTV: Added fix to WTV reader that allows it to get past corrupt data.
Change H.264: Files were slow to open when multi-audio = 0, preferred audio was any, and max bytes to scan was> 20 MB.
Fix Tivo transport streams: Tivo transport streams could result in buffer overlow and pixelation due to change in Tivo file format.
Fix MKV output: MKV files with MPEG2 video crash PowerDVD and cause problems in other players
Fix H.264: GOP accurate cuts could create sync issues if there are lots of out-of-order frames after the GOP start.
Fix H.264: Improved error checking in build 671 prevented certain incorrectly encoded streams from saving properly.
Fix H.264: Unable to open file if fixed frame rate flag not set in SPS vui_parameters, but frame rate info is present.
Fix H.264: When previewing edits, sometimes audio could not be heard.
Fix MPEG2: Possible buffer overflow during output when multi-audio enabled and an audio stream drops out completely.
Fix Transport stream: Fix in 671 could prevent LATM AAC not being detected when there wasn't a program map.
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Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7/Win 8.
Language: English
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