Download key generator for Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO 7.0.1 for After Effects

3D Invigorator PRO - plug-in for After Effects from the American company Zaxwerks, which provides ample opportunity to easily create static or dynamic 3D- objects , logos and text , he raises three-dimensional design to a whole new level . 3D Invigorator is legendary solution in video and film industry , thanks to high-quality images and time-saving features. Animation is processed on a standard scale After Effects, so you do not have to learn working with the program , if you know how to work with AE.
Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO - is a kind of 3Ds Max inside Adobe After Effects. Moreover, this 3D- editor oriented exactly at the video and not overloaded functions , useless or rarely used in video graphics.
Opportunities Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator:
- Full text editor. Each letter can have its own attributes - font, size, kerning, tracking , baseline shift , horizontal and vertical scaling, color, bevel , and volume ;
- Lubrication objects in motion ;
- Creation of three-dimensional objects from primitives ;
- Work with reflections , shadows , wire frame in a photo- realistic and cartoon modes;
- The global palette of styles, colors , light sources ;
- Importing models from third-party 3D applications.
Instant creation of three-dimensional objects with a virtually endless creativity
3D Invigorator has a complete environment for creating three-dimensional objects and scenes inside After Effects. Just select the file Illustrator, draw a vector shape , type or select a primitive shape. Invigorator immediately squeeze the object and create a frame . And now , you can sculpt a three-dimensional masterpiece by adding drag materials , bevels and lights. With Invigorator can go from 2D to 3D in seconds without leaving the After Effects.
Object Editor (Object Editor) for vector graphics and drawings Illustrator
In 3D Invigorator introduced Object Editor , which allows you to draw vector -dimensional objects . As before, all the familiar tools available - Pen (Pen), Pencil (Pencil), Figure (Shape) and text (Text), and the function Application (Cutout) makes it easy to sculpt a figure with part of another . Of course , you can import files Illustrator, but now they can also be edited in Invigorator, managing complex vector outlines three-dimensional model .
Lighting , Materials ... Action!
After a three-dimensional embossed , features editor materials (Material Editor) provide even more creative flexibility than ever before. Use the Blend Mode (Blend Mode), Texture maps (Texture Map) and the new Procedural textures (Procedural Textures) to create a more realistic three-dimensional elements. Take the opportunity to drag and drop materials to give their three-dimensional objects transparency , reflectivity , golden glow , or just make it cool .
Features 3D invigorator:
- Object Editor (Object Editor). Built in Invigorator program vector editing and drawing, to create and modify shapes with familiar tools .
- Create 3D Text : Use the built in text designer to create beautiful 3D text objects.
- Exquisite 3D faces : elegant verge Get complete control over how the 3D text or objects extrude faces.
- Import files from Illustrator: Any Illustrator file can be extruded into complex 3D shapes .
- Improved font support . Fonts are now supported Postscript, TrueType and OpenType. All fonts can be viewed in a special browser Font Browser, based on the principle of WYSIWYG, and change in the object editor (Object Editor).
- Rendering Styles : Create different looks with a wide variety of rendering styles , including wireframe , cartoon, flat shading , and raytracing .
- Procedural textures (Procedural Textures). Create textures directly in Invigorator superposition of different kinds of noise to create complex , rapidly processed , resolution-independent textures.
- Full 3D Environment: Rotate the camera and objects in the 3D space of the 3D design from any angle , or move individual elements in standalone mode .
- Material Presets : Preset variety of different materials , such as gold , chrome, glass , polished and shiny surface.
- Material Creation: If the presets do not give the desired effect, the user can create their own materials using the built- in tools or by importing custom files .
- Custom Lights : An unlimited number of lights can be positioned anywhere in 3D space. Create custom lighting like an art deco style , or a single bright light across the entire object.
- Gradients (GradientWerks). New tool for creating gradients provides users a stunning variety of colors that can be used to create three-dimensional materials and styles.
Plugin 3D Invigorator PRO 7 integrates as a filter and works with versions of Adobe After Effects CS5 - CS6 and After Effects CC.