Download key generator for Nitro4D NitroPose 1.5 for Cinema4D R12 R15 MUS3

A new character animation plugin . Easily create, store and animate poses for your characters, in a fully featured, workflow friendly Pose Library.
Features Include:
NitroPoseList Manager:
Easily Add/Remove/Arrange Poses and name/rename them
Instant Thumbnail creation
Create Tabs for more efficient organization. For example have a separate tag for the face, another tag for the hands and so on.
Keyframe Poses
Blend within poses
Create a 2D map of poses and mix multiple poses interactively
Nitropose Tag:
Import/Export your library of poses from/to an external file.
Scale your poses for characters of different size. You can even scale to negative values
Object/Tag Include lists
Select custom camera for Thumbnail renders
New Features and Fix 1.5 :
0) Speed Up the plugin
1) Fix undo problems
2) Add command undo-redo
3) Add new timeline system for nitropose to make your animation and breakdown pose very easy
4) Better Mirrow
5) Bew tool for nitropose for freeze psr and userdata to speed up you work with pose
6) Compress icon for less memory
7) Fix all the bugs !
System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit
Cinema4D : R12 , R13 ,R14,R15 ( Dosent work in demo version )
Version : Prime , Broadcast , Visualize , Studio
Avalable Verion : 1.5