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GeoVision 8.2 x86| 1.5GB
Series cards GeoVision - digital recording device to your computer for video surveillance systems. Geo Vision system is state of the art complex offering a full range of functions of a continuous or periodic monitoring and recording images from the cameras.
GV-series graphics cards are the multi-channel video capture using the most advanced to date digital video compression. Their use in Record and view allows us to obtain the best image quality from your camcorder to your computer.
Live video image can be displayed on a computer screen as a video capture card, and on the screen of the remote computer on the network using the protocols TCP / IP.
Recording video is either based on a predetermined schedule or in special motion detection function controlled camera.
Video information can be stored directly on the computer's hard drive or an optical storage device, using a system backup information GeoVision Backup System.
This model allows you to record sound. The system provides for the connection of external devices, GV-IO IO digital information, namely the board of potential inputs, outputs and the relay board that connects to a computer via an interface converter.
Input-output devices allow you to enter information into the system from outside intrusion detectors, located at the facility, and to manage the rotary mechanism and ZOOM-ohm video cameras.
Key features of GeoVision
-- Recording Modes - Continuous, schedule, motion, alarm;
-- Individual settings for each camera (motion detection, frame rate, image parameters);
-- Multi - 8 types of screen layout;
-- Export video, print, motion pictures;
-- Ability to record and watch videos on the network;
-- Russified and easy to use interface;
-- A digital "water" signs to protect records against tampering;
-- Backing up and archiving to external media (CD-R, CD-RW);
-- Record audio signals;
-- Electronic zoom of the camera;
-- Notification of events in the system (e-mail);
-- Connect external alarm sensors;
-- Multiplayer mode for the administration and management of the system;
-- Auto restart - a software Reset.
Date of Release: 2012
Version: 8.2
Developer: GeoVision
Bit: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Compatible with Windows 7: Unknown
System Requirements:
Operating System - Windows 2000 / Windows XP
CPU - Pentium III 800 (minimum)
Memory - 128 MB (minimum)
Hard drive - 80 GB
Video - nVidia GeForse2 MX200 32MB (preferably ATI)
DirectX - 9.0 or higher
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