Download key generator for ArcSoft Portrait Plus

Portrait+ is a handy and reliable application which enables you to enhance your digital photos. Without needing to resort to complex graphic editors, you can remove blemishes or improve skin complexion. You simply need to select the type of optimization you want to apply, preview it, then save the resulting image to the location you choose.
Auto Retoucher for Portraits
- The first auto portrait retoucher
- Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money
- Automatically detects facial features
- Simple workflow avoids the need for photo editing skills or training
Upgrades for Portrait+ 3.0
- Adjustable skin tone.
- Simplified interface and improved workflow make Portrait+ even more efficient.
- Achieve natural effects with optimized presets.
- Enhance the current photo with presets.
- Save files with their original names or batch rename them.
Automatic detection with unmatched precision
- Accurately detect faces with 24 key facial features.
- More than 20 faces can be recognized and retouched simultaneously in one photo.
- Auto detect all visible body skin for intelligent retouching.
Batch process to obtain high efficiency
- Smoothly import a folder of photos (Windows only) or hundreds of images within seconds.
- With one-click, stunning presets are applied to all photos.
- Enhance photos with manually edited effects.
- Batch export all photos to any folder with adjustable size and quality.
Useful tools to enhance retouching
- Smart blemish removal eliminates deep scars, pimples and other imperfections while simultaneously restoring the original skin texture.
- Reshape and fine tune facial feature with a click.
- Optional makeup kits to beautify portraits.
Additional tools for added convenience
- Easily find the best results with an embedded comparison interface.
- Enhancement tools allow optimizing an effect and creating new presets.
- Retouch some faces while ignoring others in a photo.