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Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds Expansion B KONTAKT-POWERHORSE | 6.97GB
Berlin Woodwinds Expansion B is the official continuation of the Berlin Woodwinds main library (although you can own the expansion without having the main Berlin Woodwinds library!). These instruments are specifically designed for expressive solo passages and to bring a single instrument to the front of the orchestra.
Big room vs. small booth?
We are sure that both locations have their benefits. Samples recorded at the big Teldex Stage blend very well with other orchestral instruments. The Berlin Woodwinds main library especially has its strengths when it comes to ensemble writing or when a full orchestra plays with the woodwinds. Doubling with other instruments just works amazingly well.
Smaller rooms support the details of the sound but they lack when writing for ensembles and in blending ability. It feels like you are much closer to the instrument. This is why legato transitions often appear more expressive and intimate if you play a solo line. And that is exactly what we are looking for when writing a solo part.
To keep it short: We try to use the best of both worlds.
For a more solistic writing we developed this Expansion B.
It really breathes life into your solo passages and extends the BWW main library in a wonderful way.
Legato Styles:
- Expressive Legato
- Fast, agile Legato
- Retongued Legato
Our newly developed adaptive legato script chooses the most convincing legato transitions, based on your playing in real time (speed and velocity).
A single velocity layer for the highest expressiveness
Instead of recording fixed p, mf, f layers, we told the musicians to feel free to choose the best dynamic for a solo part. We took care about lively, dynamic long notes in different styles.
If you play with higher velocity, the instrument will play a subtle crescendo, if you play softer the instrument tends more towards a slight decrescendo. The new adaptive legato script analyzes what is going on dynamically and adjusts the legato transitions to glue them to to the current sustain
as nicely as possible.
By using a single velocity layer, we reduced any phasing effect to a minimum.
IMPORTANT: You need a full Kontakt 5 license to run this library!
Recorded at the dry Teldex Solo Booth
Specifically designed for Solo Passages
New adaptive legato concept analyzes your performance and fits the transitions and legatos perfectly to your line.
Built-in Samplicity Teldex IR to fit the dry samples perfectly to the BWW main library
Solo Flute
Solo Alto Flute
Solo Oboe
Solo English Horn
Solo Clarinet
13,4 GB of samples (7 GB compressed)
24Bit / 48KHz Patches