Download key generator for ArcSoft Portrait Plus v3.0.0.369

New Portrait software from ArcSoft makes it easy for photo professionals to enhance dozens of photos with a single click, increasing potential consumer sales and reducing staff reliance on complicated retouching applications. Portrait+TM from ArcSoft, a world leader in imaging technologies and applications, uses batch processing so photo labs and studios can make every single person in photos looks great, both quickly and easily.
Automatic detection with unmatched precision
- Automatically pinpoint 24 facial key features with manual fine tuning to ensure accuracy.
- Blemishes, wrinkles and other obvious skin imperfections are detected and removed intelligently.
- Detect up to 20 faces in one photo. A skip face tool allows some faces in a photo to be enhanced while others are ignored.
Batch process with high quality
- Fluidly batch import and export hundreds of photos within seconds.
- With one-click, stunning styles are applied to all of the photos.
- Individual styles can be created and applied to different photos during batch processing.
Detect and soften full-body skin
- Automatic detection of the facial area and almost all visible skin in a photo.
- Five skin smoothing levels cover all skin types. Choose the most suitable to soften skin, reduce blemishes and optimize complexion.
- Selectable brushes let you easily tweak skin-softening areas.
Powerful tools to enhance retouching
- Smart blemish removal to eliminate deep scars, pimples and other imperfections while simultaneously restoring the original skin texture.
- New Styles Bin lets you quickly check or delete the applied styles for each photo.
Various styles create ideal portraits
- 27 refined pre-set styles like Brighten Eyes, Slim Face, and Deepen Smile can be applied with a single click.
- Customize styles with adjustable makeup kits allowing you put dazzling makeup on your portraits.
- Save custom styles and apply them to your other photos at any time with one click.
What's new in Portrait+ 2.1 for Windows?
- Supports importing a folder and all its subfolders at once
- Supports exporting retouched images to the original folder
- Supports deleting original photos when the retouched versions are saved
- Adds a prompt if you click the "Export" button without applying any enhancements to your photos.
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