Download key generator for Any Parental Control 2.15

Any Parental Control can help you to keep track of what your child is doing online. With its help, parents are able to see everything typed onto the keyboard, including but not limited to emails, instant messages, social networking activity, chat, etc., capture screenshots taken at certain intervals, set time limits for kids' Internet use, and block websites and applications.
Block Websites
Set keywords to block inappropriate web content and add a list of certain internet domains as appropriate websites. You choose the content your children can view...
Block Applications
Preset some certain applications to prohibit children to use.
Limit PC Time
Set time limits for your children's Internet use per day or disable the Internet use at a specific time.
Capture screenshots
Any parental control takes screenshots of screen at preset interval.
Record browsing history
Track all websites that are visited.
Log keystrokes
Passwords and user names and all other passwords typed into applications as well as websites.
Application Activity
Log all detailed information of program running in the Mac, including games and iTunes.
Clipboard logs
All clipboards activities including copy, paste, cut and delete will be recorded.
Record chat transcripts of IM tools
Chat conversations (both side) in IM tools will be recorded, such as Skype, Adium, iChat, AIM, MSN.
Record emails sent or received
Emails sent or received are from keystrokes and screenshots so they will be recorded.
Remote Monitor
Send the logs via email box or upload to an FTP space so you can check the logs remotely.
OS: Windows 8/Windows 7(32/64-bits)/ Vista/ XP/ 2003/ 2000 and more other Windows versions.