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Anyplace Control - software for managing a remote computer, displaying the screen of another computer on your monitor. The program allows you to use your own mouse and keyboard to control them remotely, and transmit data between computers. You can work for both the remote computer as if you're sitting behind him. The program works very quickly, so you can forget about the fact that you are working on a remote computer. Perhaps the simultaneous control of multiple computers. Interface - multilingual.
Anyplace Control is a universal program for remote PC control that gives a solution for a wide range of tasks. Home users can use the program to get access to their office PCs and work from home or check their own PC while being away from home. It also helps when you need to quickly resolve some problem or share files in the home network. Anyplace Control is also the right choice for remote assistants and network admins.
Anyplace Control allows you to:
To see the remote computer desktop on your screen in real time.
Use the mouse and keyboard to control a remote computer.
Exchange files between computers.
Copy text, graphics or other data from the clipboard, one computer and paste them on another.
Enable, disable, restart the remote PC, as well as to block his mouse and keyboard.
Get remote access via the Internet to a PC behind a router or firewall without any configuration.
Fast, secure and easy to use Remote Control Software that allows you to Control Remote PC from anywhere:
Remote Control PC on LAN or over the Internet
Remote desktop connection, connect to remote desktop, remote computer accessRemote Desktop Control on your local screen in real time
Anywhere pc file transfer software, from one pc to anotherRemote PC File Transfer and other enterprise features
Connecting behind router, firewall bypass, remote control computerOptional Online Account connection to eliminate complicated Firewall or Router settings
Best remote control software, remote computer program, control another computerStrong Security and industry-standard Encryption