Download key generator for Lazer WAV NI Massive Presets

Industrial Strength samples is back with another essential effects pack for the modern producer. With all these lazers kicking off in EDM, we thought it was about time to put together a one-stop Lazer sound source.
Unlike other effects packs, Lazer comes correct with 32 NI Massive patches, providing the ultimate flexibility for some very tight, next-level production. This pack is loaded with patches including Bass Lazers, Lazer Gun sounds, Lazer Leads, Sequences and some off the wall effects for you to tweak out. Also featured in the pack, are extra Lazer effects from our other ISR packs.
In addition, we've created and compiled 100mb of license free 24 Bit Lazer Audio goodness for you to use as is, morph, stretch or just get wild.
Lazers, we all use them, we all love them and since the days of disco lazer sounds have come in all forms and sonic sizes and were a big part of early dub reggae music and Jamaican dancehall.
These popular sonic elements have transcended from the days of past to find their way into Dubstep, Trap, Juke, Moombahton, Raggaeton, Nu Disco, Nu Rave, Electro, Complextro, Techno, Grime and modern Electronic Pop music. Today this iconic sound can be heard in dozens of top-charting tracks, and it always adds character and exclamation to any song.
If you're in need of some ready-to-drop Lazer sounds, there is only one choice--ISR's Lazer.
Tech Specs:
24 Bit Quality
75 Lazer Samples
34 NI Massive Presets
Plus Bonus FX Content including:
09 NI Massive Presets
21 Wav Fx Samples from previously released Industrial Strength products.
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