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Moo0 System Monitor 1.75 Portable
Moo0 SystemMonitor is a compact tool that monitors numerous system properties and displays them in an unobtrusive, completely customizable desktop widget. In fact, pretty much everything about this portable freeware is customizable, from dozens of skins to a staggering array of selectable processes to monitor, such as three temperature monitors in Fahrenheit and three in Celsius and no less than five fan RPM displays. You can create custom entries, too. It's totally portable and can run from a USB drive or other devices, making it a useful tool for your fix-it kit.
Moo0 SystemMonitor Portable's default view is a slender, semitransparent, vertically stacked array of system process displays, topped by entries labeled Bottleneck and Burdened By that flashed red when the system was taxed. Other entries included CPU usage, loader, and temperature; memory usage; hard-drive usage, I/O, and seek; network; processes, and more. Right-clicking the interface called up the program's file menu, with options such as transparency percentage, always on top, language, mouse actions, and the field picker, which offered everything from current time to battery from a seemingly endless drop-down list, including the ability to create custom entries. Likewise, the list of available skins seemed to go on and on, with options to preview them as thumbnails online and to change them periodically. We could choose from preselected sizes and layouts or create our own custom interface, change the language, iconize the program, and configure how it behaves on the desktop.