Download key generator for Brilliant Database 10.3 Professional Server Workplace

Brilliant Database is an out-of-the-box solution comprising all you need to create a database and work with it: an up-to-date engine, supporting databases up to 1.5 TByte and work via the network/internet, easy-to-use editors to create forms, reports, scripts, queries and so on, as well as a possibility to use a database of any structure.
When working with the program, you will not need additional components - Brilliant Database has all you may require.
Classic, but customizable Outlook Interface
Work with Images, Formulas, Attachments
Easy Networking
Automate workflow using scripts
Reports, E-mails, Ms Word Documents, Excel, Access, Web
At present the next languages are included into the Brilliant Database distributive:
English, French, Dutch, Portuguese (Bra), Russian.