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The program HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid appeared on market as a response to the need for the European automotive companies in the fast and effective Meschery (setkopostroitele), with which you can build grids for complex topologies in a very short time. At the moment it is, in our opinion, is the only known tool that allows you to build a grid for the calculation of both the external and internal aerodynamics of such a complex object such as a car, including the engine compartment and inner beauty, one day, starting directly from the "evil" of geometry
HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid technology offers a meshinga and his original approach to the construction of grids. Preprocessing is divided into two stages, the first - work with the geometry of the user interface of the program. The second stage - starting grid construction from the command line (in the style of the operating systems Linux, Unix) using a text configuration file, which specifies parameters meshinga. Parameters meshinga bit, they are intuitive. The main advantage of a combination of philosophy and the GUI works on the command line using the configuration file is the speed and automaticity in rebuilding the grid, many times accelerated the process of building new networks for new types of geometries, bypassing the often tedious step of grid setting in the user interface (you already there is a ready config file and all you need only to start the process of building a grid.) The process of building networks in HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid fully parallelized, by default it goes on all the available cores of parallel-processor computer. Unique innovative technologies incorporated in HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid enables you to automatically build geksadominantnye, conformal mesh (perhaps building a tetra or hexa fully nets) for the design of a domain or multiple domains, the grid is constructed with a resolution of the boundary layer or without it, as desired. key feature HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid is that he is not picky to the purity of the initial geometry and can build a grid for geometries with serious flaws, gaps and so on., in order to reduce the overall time step of grid when dealing with real, "unclean" geometries. HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid has a built-in tool to automatically find and plugging holes that allows you to start work with virtually any geometry that you gave, without in depth knowledge or the time to solve the problems in the CAD or similar systems. HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid is the perfect tool for building large-scale grids, complex topology geometries in the shortest possible time. On currently HEXPRESSTM / Hybrid has found admirers in almost all sectors of engineering and industry, including such areas as medicine atypical.