Download key generator for Kodak Preps v6.2.1

Kodak PREPS is the industry-leading solution for creating error-free impositions. It supports complex jobs for digital and conventional print with content elements and data from various sources, including third-party solutions.
What is new, and improved in version 06
- Advanced Run List: PDF A live preview of each page with more information, including folios, planned colors and notes.
- Improved Auto-Gang feature: Including a new report presenting the work, page rotation, and other improvements to increase the efficiency
- Assembly View: Drag, and Drop Control on assemblies of complex products with multiple parts, and mixed binding styles
- Catalogs Fold Model: Planning, and building taxes more efficiently, and store custom folding patterns from templates
PREPS can deliver fully automated Taxation within a zero-touch workflow.
- Build a comprehensive, and effective solution with the integration of the complete workflow
- Maximize the press sheets, reduce waste
- Reduce job costs, and turnaround times through automation
- Support uniform standards through flexible, easy to use templates