Download key generator for Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals v1.00-TE

Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals v1.00-TE
Genre(s): Adventure
In a world where classic tales come together, a young man must go on an adventure to collect four elemental crystals and save the earth!
Theodore lives a peaceful life, until one day General Kujae of the Empire comes to the village to capture him. He escapes and encounters a mysterious woman, who sets him on a grand adventure to collect four crystals and save the world from the evil Emperor!
Epic Quest is an intelligent parody and an amazing journey through a world where classic RPGs come together. Meet Rhen from Aveyond, Wendala from Laxius Force, Bubbles from Whisper of a Rose and more! A mind-blowing story and unique cast bring these beautiful tales together in one epic adventure!
* Meet beloved characters from well-known games,
such as Aveyond and Laxius Force!
* 15+ hours of gameplay
* Craft your own items!
* Witty humor and epic battles!