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This is only an overview of the supported operating systems. For more information about system requirements, including support for different processors are shown in the manual on compatible equipment, available on the Support Web site. For more information, please contact the sales staff or an authorized Symantec reseller.
NetBackup - software of Symantec for backup and data recovery in medium to large heterogeneous networks.
The main function
One platform, one console - the unification of virtual and physical data protection at a global level
Unified management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backup and recovery at the global level
Backup and embedded in the hardware and scalable global deduplication in virtual and physical environments
Backup V-Ray in a single pass, constant updating of copies and the ability to restore individual files in physical and virtual environments
Automated virtual data protection and balancing of backup performance, depending on the load
The main features
The unified enterprise-class data protection in virtual and physical environments can eliminate the use of point solutions, ensures transparency, resource utilization, cost reduction, system complexity and risks of virtualization for business-critical applications.
V-Ray allows you to search for and retrieve individual files from a backup image of entire in just a few minutes instead of a manual connection, search and recover files that may require hours or even days
Simplified management and accelerated recovery of snapshots and replicated snapshots from any backup infrastructure
Permanent protection of new displaced or cloned VMs to avoid inaccuracies and over-hosts during backup
Intellectual NetBackup deduplication technology reduces storage costs, providing a level of elimination of duplicates up to 98%. Through the use of flexibilities in the implementation of "end-to-end" of the optimization of the performance and backup resources
Extras. Information:
In the present distribution of all official documentation on NB 7.5 in English.
1. Opscenter server on Solaris SPARC platform
2. All agents and options for all available platforms.
3. NetBackup Server for Solaris SPARC and windows 32/64
Patches for other systems, you can download off. Site