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COMSOL Inc., the leader in multiphysics simulation software, announced the release of major new additions to the COMSOL simulation platform. The latest version of COMSOL Multiphysics, version 4.3b, introduces five new application-specific modules and expanded modeling and analysis tools.
Update Details for Update 1
COMSOL Multiphysics
- Geometry objects that you add to a Work Plane's Plane Geometry no longer hide any projected or intersected wireframe.
- The mesh generation no longer creates an unnecessarily fine mesh for some 3D geometries.
- Creating a swept mesh for a domain with isolated linking faces now works.
- The Circular edge plane type for work planes now works correctly also when you run in a client-server mode.
- PMLs now work together with geometries that include virtual geometry operations.
- Fixed a problem with units in inputs for a few user-defined functions.
- Results while solving now works correctly for models with multiple studies.
- Performance improvements for the SOR line, Vanka, and SCGS solvers.
- Improved handling of probes.
- Multiple plots in the same plot group now appear correctly using DirectX rendering.
- Fixed graphics problem for Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
- Fixed problem that occurred when exiting the program on Linux.
- Minor improvements for the sensitivity and optimization functionality.
- Improved stability and user interface.
AC/DC Module
- In the Magnetic Field Formulation physics, selecting Linearized resistivity and then changing the Conduction current relation in Faraday's Law now works correctly.
- Fixed equation display for the subnodes of the 3D Single-Turn Coil.
- Gauge Fixing for A-Field now handles Magnetic Potential and External Magnetic Vector Potential boundary conditions correctly.
- Units can now be used in the specification of the primitive vectors in the RLC Coil Group feature.
- Voltage-driven Multi-Turn Coil now correctly takes Harmonic perturbation into account. Batteries & Fuel Cells Module
- You can now use model inputs for Porous Electrode nodes in the Secondary Current Distribution (siec) user interface.
CFD Module
- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.
- Improved default solver settings for Reacting Flow user interface. Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
- Changing the reaction type in a model now works as expected.
- Improved default solver settings for Reacting Flow user interface.
- The Species Transport in Porous Media user interface now takes time derivatives of the fluid volume into account.
Electrochemistry Module
- The Heat Transfer in Porous Media and Thermal Dispersion features are available in the Electrochemistry Module.
Fatigue Module
- The fatigue usage factor in stress-based models is now set to zero for states with high compressive stresses.
Heat Transfer Module
- Removed duplicated postprocessing variables sections.
- Fixed definition of the enthalpy variable. It now supports pressure-dependent material properties.
Microfluidics Module
- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.
Molecular Flow Module
- Specifying a very high pump speed in the Vacuum pump boundary condition no longer result in negative pressures.
Particle Tracing Module
- The Diffuse scattering option in the Wall boundary condition now gives the correct angular distribution for the particles.
- The Diffuse scattering option now works correctly when selected as the Otherwise option when using conditional boundary conditions.
- The Collision frequency is now set correctly in the Elastic Collision Force feature when setting it directly and using the Monte Carlo collision model.
- The correct force density is now computed in the Fluid-Particle interaction feature.
Plasma Module
- The Microwave Plasma interface now works correctly when used in conjunction with an Electromagnetic Waves interface.
- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.
Semiconductor Module
- Setting the Carrier statistics property to Fermi-Dirac and the Solution property to Majority carriers only now works correctly.
- The Thin Insulator Gate boundary condition now gives the correct results when the Formulation is set to Finite element.
- The quasi-Fermi energy levels now have the correct dependence on the degeneracy factors.
- The generation and recombination features now work correctly when the Solution is set to Majority carriers only.
Structural Mechanics Module
- Coupled Shell-Solid models with shared names of displacement variables now work correctly.
- Fixed error in Spring Foundation and Added Mass for 2D axial symmetry.
- Avoids error conditions that could appear when mixing a Linear Elastic material with a Linear Viscoelastic material in 2D Plane Stress and when adding a Linear Elastic material after a Linear Viscoelastic material.
- Corrected an error when Prescribed Velocity or Prescribed Acceleration was used in a fluid-structure interaction analysis.
Wave Optics Module
- Removed coupling between counter-propagating waves at curved boundaries.
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- The mphviewselection function now supports all geometry selection types.
- Fixed mphmatrix to support evaluation of system matrices for eigenvalue studies.
- Fixed error in the computation of complex integrals by the functions mphint2, mphevalpoint, mphmax, mphmean, and mphmin.
- Fixed display of principle stress/strain plots in mphplot.
- Fixed plotting of arrow plots with the function mphplot.
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- Fixed a problem that could cause a switch of assembly components during synchronization.
- Fixed several issues with results plots in One Window for Inventor.