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Reduce the time and resources needed for migrating users between two different forests of Exchange Server. CodeTwo Exchange Migration allows for safer, easier, and hassle-free migrations from one on-premises domain to another. Whats more, with CodeTwo Exchange Migration, it is finally possible to move your users mailboxes directly from Exchange 2003 to 2010, or even to Exchange 2013, without upgrading your existing installation.
Key features
Exchange to Exchange migration
No matter which Exchange Server version youre currently on, the program will let you easily migrate from one Exchange Server to another. CodeTwo Exchange Migration is especially useful when either moving users to another Organizational Unit or upgrading your entire email server installation to a newer version.
Cross-forest and cross-domain scenarios
Whats crucial about CodeTwo Exchange Migration is that it fully supports migrations through domain and forest relationships. Thanks to our migration tool, cross-domain and cross-forest migrations are finally possible.
Migrate Exchange 2003 to 2010
You dont need to upgrade your existing Exchange 2003 installation to be able to migrate from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, or 2013. The program will let you do that without the necessity of pre-installing Microsoft Exchange 2007 first. As a result, keeping your servers up-to-date and moving to Exchange 2010 or 2013 requires fewer resources and costs you less money.
Upgrade to Exchange 2013
We do realize that upgrading older server installations to the most recent Microsoft Exchange Server version can be a big problem. Thats why we created CodeTwo Migration for Exchange. With this smart tool, moving from Exchange 2003 directly to Exchange 2013 is finally possible.
Migrate mailboxes within your Organization
CodeTwo Exchange Migration can also be used for intra-Organizational migrations. The program is very convenient for migrating many mailboxes to another location internally.
Public Folders migration
The program also supports migrations of Exchange public folders. The public folders structure can be moved to another Exchange Server organization exactly in the same way as users mailboxes.
Safe technology
CodeTwo Exchange Migration doesnt remove or modify any data on the source servers end. The mailboxes are replicated on the target server without any changes to the configuration of the mailboxes. The administrator has our guarantee that none of the users data will be lost during the migration process.
Detailed reports
Every migration process can be verified using the detailed log files. The administrator is given detailed information on what items were moved and whether the program encountered any problems during the migration.
Ease of use
We put a lot of effort into making our software as user friendly as possible. Our application is designed to give you the maximum of comfort in carrying out Exchange Server migrations. The users interface contains no spare options, and the initial configuration takes only a few seconds.
OS : Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 8
Language : English