Download key generator for MAPC2MAPC v5.1.6

MAPC2MAPC This program is designed to calibrate maps and to convert between the many calibration files in use to calibrate (ie locate on the earth) digital ...
Main functions:
Load map images and calibrate them
Load calibrations in many different formats and Datums
View the calibrated map
Crop and rescale maps whilst preserving the calibration
Reproject maps to 'Plate Carre' (Equirectangular)
Rotate maps to true North
Fit maps to other projections and polynomial fit
Read and Write Garmin Custom Maps (KMZ) and Write Trekbuddy Tiles and JNX files
Read MrSID .sid and .jp2 files, GeoTiff and files that GDAL_Translate will process including ECW.
Merge, join or overlay maps regardless of the scale or projection
Draw tracks onto maps in a variety of styles (PLT, TXF, KML, GPX)
Write several calibration formats
Write Mobile Atlas tile sets as Offline Maps for Andnav, Back Country Navigator, Maverick, Orux,
Androzic, OZI CE, AlpineQuest, Rmaps (as SQLite), My Trails and OSMtracker
Converts non-Garmin JNX files to Mobile Atlas
New for version:
Create files for Iphone BitMap application
Write GEMF maps
Write BSB Chart files (KAP)
Read WCI files
Write AFTRACK files compatible with Iphone Multiplans app
Option to save as JPG; paint SRTM Contours onto a map
Load track points as icons and faster processing of large TIFF files