Download key generator for SMS Deliverer Enterprise v2.1

SMS Deliverer Enterprise is a powerful application designed to help you send short text messages to a large number of phone numbers.
It will save all sent and received SMS then you can get valuable information by analyze them. It is useful to anyone who wants to do questionnaire survey and product promotion through SMS. With SMS Deliverer you can promote your product or service and it is important that you can know which product or service is the most popular. SMS Deliverer will analysis replied SMS from customers and generates report to show which keywords are popular. Faultless reports and scheduled SMS function will help you to adjust the marketing strategy and extend your market quickly.
It is the cheapest solution, by using your existing computer and mobile phone. With connection options of USB data cable, Bluetooth, you will have a powerful marketing tool.
Here are some key features of SMS Deliverer Enterprise:
Send/Receive Bulk SMS
Failover support
When one modem send sms fail, other modems will try send this sms.
SQL Server support
Default database is Access. Enterprise edition support SQL Server.
Personalised SMS
Send personalized SMS content to each recipient by inserting variable from the contacts informations.
Schedule SMS - Import for double sales
Never Forget To Follow Up, & Send Important SMS Again Schedule Now For Future Days/Weeks/Mths/Years Follow Up Ideal For Your Sales Follow, Marketing, Campaigns & Etc.
Auto Reply Based On Keywords
Analyse incoming SMS messages and match keywords, auto reply predefined messages.
Auto Reply For Incoming Calls
Long SMS & Flash SMS & Destination port SMS
Support up to 1000 characters messages in single SMS.
Multiple language SMS
Support GSM 7bit and Unicode encoding with auto encoding selection, So SMS message content can be in any language.
Multiple Phones/modems Supported
Double improve send speed, it is very useful for some important messages,for example alert message.