Download key generator for Alien Skin Exposure Revision 23645 Plugin for Photoshop

Our careful research lets you reproduce the subtle nuances that make analog photography beautiful. With Exposure, your photo will look like it was made by a human, not a computer. Exposure helps you visually explore carefully designed looks, reducing the need to fiddle with techy controls. The redesigned user interface in Exposure 5 reduces distraction and provides new ways to quickly find your style. There is a much wider range of textures and new controls to subtly combine them. Exposure works everywhere you do, now with Aperture support and as a stand-alone application that provides easy batch processing.
- Portrait
Exposure has a variety of subtle looks for portraits. Portra 160 NC lowers saturation and contrast to make skin tones look healthy.
- Nature
Slide films that enhance saturation and contrast are great for landscapes and nature photography. This example uses Velvia 100F to bring out the blue in the flower.
- Black and White
Exposure provides immense control over black and white conversions. This high key look lowers contrast, gives a slight glow to bright areas, and provides warm color toning.
- Classic Films
Exposure reproduces many long-discontinued films, including this early version of Kodachrome that was used in the 1930s through 1960s.
- Vintage
Vintage looks like Calotype, an early photographic process, can be found in Exposure's vintage preset categories. This image also demonstrates one of the many border options.
- Infrared
Exposure simulates a variety of color and black & white infrared films. This Kodak HIE film brightens green plants, darkens blue skies, and gives bright areas an ethereal glow.
- Lo-Fi
Gritty Lo-Fi looks are easy to achieve in Exposure with expired film, light leaks, plastic lens blur, and cross processing. This photo combines expired Polaroid SX-70 film with a slight lens blur and vignette.