Download key generator for WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.3 Build 1570

WIDI Recognition System performs recognition of music audio files and allows saving the results as MIDI files. It performs Wave to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI and CD to MIDI conversion. WIDI is able to recognize polyphonic music.
WIDI Recognition System performs automated music recognition. This program analyzes input waveform and tries to detect what notes were played. Some basic knowledge about music structure, such as Harmonic Model are build-in into recognition algorithm, an array of sensors with controlled selectivity and sensitivity allows precise detection of spectral peaks.
With WIDI you can:
* Create ringtones from your favorite melodies for your mobile phone
* Grub music from a CD-tracks and convert it into MIDI
* Decrease page loading time by using Recognized MIDI files on your site instead of MP3
* Retrieve music notation from MP3's
* Make a preview of your mp3 collection