Download key generator for Zaxwerks 3D Flag v3.0.1 for After Effects CS5-CS6

The Zaxwerks 3D Flag plug-in turns any picture, comp or movie into a realistic flag that responds to wind, gravity and the movement of the pole. It is easy to use and add a very professional look to your videos and graphics.. One click adds the flag on a flag pole. The wind is already blowing so you get animation from the start. A second clicks adds the color to the flag. Keyframe the flagpole to wave the flag back and forth. Keyframe the wind to create gusts, breezes or hurricanes!
When you want a very special introduction or backdrop, nothing makes it look more special than a majestic flag.
If a standard flag just won't do the trick, you can create a flag of pretty much any shape you want.
Apply different pictures on the front and back
Animations are now loopable
Create curtains, roll-down and drop-down animations
Control wind speed, wind direction, and gravity
Real 3D Flag Poles that look like wood, steel, etc
Attach a wide array of caps to the tip of your flag
This version of 3D Flag adds the ability to loop the motion of the flag so you can create a 10 second animation that loops seamlessly without having to do any transition tricks or wipes.
Simply set the loop start frame and the loop end frame and the program automatically creates the seamless loop!
Version 3 also adds a complete material editor so you can make the material look soft or coarse, transparent or even metallic. Many other features await your discovery.