Download key generator for AKVIS Retoucher 6.0.942 for Adobe Photoshop

AKVIS Retoucher is an excellent program (and to the same plug-in)that can easily recover images and retouching photographs. Retoucher does not just remove scratches, dust, stains and other defects from the surface of the photograph, he would recreate the missing using adjacent fragments of the image. This program is easy to use and to retouch the old black and white (archival images, and editing digital contemporary images.
The program is one of the most effective tools to restore old and damaged images and retouching photographs. Retoucher removes scratches, stains, dust and other defects on the image, clear text or date, unwanted details (wires and poles, trash cans, etc.) or objects, accidentally caught in the frame. The texture of the background is restored, the program reconstructs it after the removal of the object.
The program is very simple, you will easily be able to learn to use it. Just highlight what you want to delete, and click "start". The program will do everything by itself. You will watch with amazement as your eyes creates a new image.
AKVIS Retoucher is useful when you need:
- produce retouching, removing scratches, stains, dust, traces of bends and other defects;
- remove unnecessary details, the text, thereby improving the appearance of the pictures, its composition;
- to reconstruct missing parts of pictures, "tighten" leaky places and increase the region.
AKVIS Retoucher plug-in allows you to delete not only the defects, but large objects from a photo. For small parts quite enough of the automatic processing; when you remove large parts of the image and complex objects (cars, people, accidentally caught in the frame) are required to perform additional actions, "prompting" where better to take fragments to fill the deleted space. Are corrective tools retouch and Patch.
Also in the advanced types of licenses are available post-processing tools that allow you, without leaving the program, put the finishing strokes.
AKVIS Retoucher is an ideal tool for retouching, which will facilitate the processing saves time and allows you to enjoy the process of restoration, and the result!
AKVIS Retoucher is presented in the form of a plugin for image editors, and as a separate, independent program (standalone), not requiring editors.
Retoucher plugin is optional (pluggable) a module to and is compatible with most popular programs: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc.
New in version 6.0:
- Added support for batch processing that allows to automatically retouch a large number of images. This option is useful for processing photos with similar defects or the same items to remove (for example, stains or scratches, the date of the snapshot).
- Fixed some bugs.