Download key generator for Cassidy Bishers Text Effects for Trapcode Vol.2

As requested, here is: RedGiants Guru Preset Package: Cassidy Bishers Text Effects for Trapcode Suite Vol 2 (2010) 59 Text Particle Animations for Video, TV Spots & More Turn your text characters into forces of nature with this engaging collection of presets for Trapcode Suite. Wrap your logo in a smoke trail, fiery blaze, tornado, rainstorm or snow blizzard. Replace the text placeholder with your own text or logo to get a project quickly started, and customize the design easily with new colors or a few particle tweaks.
This Guru Preset offers 20 customizable After Effects animation projects, which unfold into 59 different composition versions.
Use the projects immediately by typing in your text or dropping in logos.
Over 200 comps based on the templates, with varying levels of complexity and control.
Some comps include sound effects