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Oracle Developer Suite contains the full set of integrated development tools for the rapid creation and deployment of Internet / Intranet applications for dynamic Web-portal development and deployment of Web-services.
Oracle Forms
Forms Developer - rapid application development tool. Forms Developer allows you to create applications that consist of screens, reports, and business graphics, based on the information stored in databases or other sources. Typically, large organizations park computing is highly varied, from Unix-based Servers and workstations to personal computers running MS Windows and MAC OS. Using Forms Developer to develop and deploy applications possible on different platforms. An application created on a personal computer, no change can be carried and run, for example, on a workstation running AIH. Forms Developer development environment has the same interface on systems running Unix and Windows - the developer does not have to be retrained. Forms Developer is equipped with a large number of "masters", context clues, and many examples. User spared from having to write a lot of code, since all operations on the database are automated. Tight integration with Oracle Database enables developers to use internally to increase productivity generated applications. Used programming language - PL / SQL - is a procedural language extension to SQL-standard work with relational databases. Using a programming language allows you to distribute your application logic that provides better load balancing and reduces network traffic.
Oracle offers a unique solution for the transfer of packaged applications, implemented on Forms Developer, a Web-architecture. Scheme of the application in this architecture is very simple: the application is hosted on an application server, where the module is installed Oracle AS Forms Services, and when you start the GUI is converted into a set of Java-applets, which are sent to the client. The user works with the application through the Web-navigator, and he does not need to install any client side in every workplace, you only browser that supports Java-machine. If some components of the system use the standard JavaBean or BC4J, then the developer can access these components directly from your own application.
In the application of Oracle AS Forms Services application is running on the application server, and thus achieved its high scalability - Server Administration application is much simpler and cheaper than many client computers. Users work with the application through the standard network protocol - HTTP (S). It is important to note the quality of the architecture significantly improves the performance of the entire system: Oracle AS Forms Services automatically distributes the load on all the application servers running on the system. When you run the client side of the application the user accesses the application server, if at this point of time the server has a load close to the maximum, the user request is automatically forwarded to another, less loaded server applications. The problem of managing a fairly complex architecture is achieved by OEM, it includes components for the administration of all application servers and databases, Oracle. In the development of complex applications, the correct solution is to use bundles: Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports Developer, and to deploy the developed application - Oracle AS Forms Services and Oracle AS Reports Services.