Download key generator for VideoReDo TVSuite H 264 v4.20.7.629d

Quick and easy to work in the management of MPEG Video Editor (editing, authoring and burning-DVD, including recording TV). supports -
MPEG1 editing (including VCD), MPEG2 editing (including DVB-T, DVD & SVCD),
and High Definition (HD) H.264 editing. Read more
Extras: Unlike the hand, support for H.264
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Video editor to edit and encode DVD video. The program can quickly split and join video files, corrects artifacts that appear when you record a DVD with TV, video, or other sources. A useful feature of the program is the ability to eliminate errors in MPEG streams.
* Authoring "one-click".
* More intuitive GUI.
* Opens directly to DVD titles reavtoringa.
* Add captions to edit video.
* Cropping, trimming, cutting, gluing, etc.
* Support for H.264