Download key generator for Panzer Corps Collection v1.14 2011 + 7 DLC MULTi2 RiP by R.G. ILITA

Panzer Corps Collection v 1.14 2011 + 7 DLC MULTi2 RiP by R.G. ILITA
Genre: TBS / Wargame
Panzer Corps - a computer game in the genre of war-game, set up in 2011 by The Lordz Games Studio.
Is the ideological heir to Panzer General. Differences from Panzer General Panzer Corps in a little bit - the authors not repair something that is not broken. Groups that attack surrounded by the enemy, get a solid bonus.
Railways are used for rapid troop transport between cities. In addition, according to him move units new type - the armored train. In parts, especially after smashing a lot of enemies, there are medals and heroes. With their a veteran division will retain decent options, even if you "dilute" its recruits.
Resort to this unpleasant practice have more than Panzer General - Panzer Corps in no "khaljavnogo" replace losses between missions. Thanks to detail the game became a little deeper, so that killjoy, unhappy release a remake, do not worry. Those who did not find the classics and generally not familiar with these strategies, Panzer Corps can easily "break the roof." No wonder it was so popular ancestor.
Features repack:
Cut introductory videos and play dead litter
Do not recoded
7 DLC, the game menu converted to the 2 languages, removed the key test
Game Version - 1.14