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Autodesk Simulation Moldflow provides the tools for simulation of injection molds, plastic products and injection molding process. The product allows you to study the influence of the location of injection points, materials and geometry of the parts on the manufacturability of products from thermoplastics and thermosetting materials.
System requirements: 64-bit version - the operating system Windows 8 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate; Windows 7 (basic version); Windows XP Professional (SP2).
Processor speed - 2 GHz or more.
RAM - 2 GB (32-bit version), 4 GB (64-bit version) or more.
Virtual memory / swap file - 2 GB or more.
Free space on hard drive - 2 GB for installation, 4GB or more to work.
Color Quality - 24 bit or higher at a screen resolution of 1280x1024 or higher.
Browser - Windows Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
Microsoft Office 97 (only Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word).
The network card.
Drive DVD-ROM.
The mouse is compatible with the Microsoft Mouse.
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.
Active-X (64-bit Windows, when using Internet Explorer).
Connecting to the Internet to download over the network
Description: Modeling Tools molding
Import files from other CAD
Simulation Moldflow allows to evaluate the design of plastic parts for 3D-models from a variety of CAD systems.
Cooling and heating the mold
Changing the temperature in the mold can be determined during the molding cycle.
The orientation of the fibers in the plastic parts
Available more accurate prediction of the orientation of the short and long glass fibers, including clippings of long fibers.
Optimization projects
The possibility of experimental design in the Simulation Moldflow Insight allows you to maintain all types of nets, casting processes and modeling tools.
Simulation shrinkage and deformation
A simulator structural integrity molded article helps evaluate the project part and forms while controlling shrinkage and deformation based on processing parameters, and these materials.
Simulation of casting thermosetting plastics
The product enables to simulate processes thermoset molding, reactive molding mass, structured reactive casting mass forming the resin impregnation and molding rubber molding.
Geometry editing
Simulation Moldflow can be used in conjunction with Autodesk Inventor Fusion, which allows faster and easier to edit and simplify geometry.
Specialized casting processes
Simulate various plastic molding processes and specialized machining techniques.
Interaction with other CAD
Built-in tools allow you to convert and optimize the CAD model.
Information about the materials
The use of accurate data about the materials helps to ensure error-free simulation of products from more than 8,700 types of plastics.
CAE-exchange data
Means of communication with the structural modeling systems allow you to check and optimize the projects details.
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator
Work with manufacturing personnel, procurement engineers, suppliers and customers using free solutions Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator (Angliysky).