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eBook Maestro PRO
Many in the head swarming ideas and knowledge that can be useful to others. Your experience may be useful to a large number of people. Use eBook Maestro PRO, to turn ideas into e-book and publish it on the Internet for others to download and read it. It may even become your successful entrepreneurial career start. Compile html-text and audio-visual materials into executable windows-applications and sell them on the website. This is done very easily, when the hand eBook Maestro PRO. Each executable application - is an independent e-book with tables of contents, band management, search engine, protection, system access restrictions for unregistered users, and other features.
Books can also execute scripts and include multimedia objects, giving them a great competitive advantage against traditional publishing and print media. The book can also be a great advertising tool. Gather useful information on the advertised topic, add links to your website or other advertising, compile a book and publish it for free download. People will download a book to share with your friends, and the traffic of your website will increase.