Download key generator for Cigraph ArchiSuite Library for Archicad 16

This library is Italian version, the only existing. No need to authorize it, it was converted to a "normal" library.
With ArchiSuite, Cigraph intends to give ArchiCAD users customised functions for made-to-measure solutions to facilitate all stages of their work. The project is based on the Cigraph add-ons (you will remember that an add-on is a software component allowing you to add new functions to ArchiCAD). Our aim, however, is to continue enhancing this ever-open container over time to reflect our users's suggestions.
What is ArchiSuite?
Before explaining what ArchiSuite is, you need to understand what an add-on is.
An add-on is a software component that allows you to add functions to ArchiCAD.
With ArchiCAD, you can manage add-ons automatically by launching and closing them from the menu bar where a new item appears once the add-on has been installed.
You will not even know you are using an add-on. It will be just like using your ArchiCAD, but with additional functions.
ArchiSuite "manages" Cigraph add-ons (those available now and in the future).
Through the add-ons palette, ArchiSuite simply provides access to all the Cigraph add-ons present in the add-ons folder.
Not all users have the same requirements and therefore they may find some of the products present in the Suite less interesting than others. One of the advantages of our Suite is that you can customise it as you wish.
For more information on customising ArchiSuite, see the chapter "Customising the ArchiSuite package".
ArchiSuite 16: new features
A new Plug-in: ArchiTools
ArchiSuite was designed to be an open and evolutive collector of Plug-ins for ArchiCAD and this is the way Cigraph developed ArchiTools: it brings together different, useful tools belonging to some existing plug-in and still missing in ArchiCAD 16.
ArchiCAD is becoming more powerful version after version and functions which previously neglected certain fields of application are gradually being integrated, so, as the years go by, certain plug-ins become obsolete and we can't keep them "alive" for just two or three still useful features, but we can now collect these "remaining" commands into ArchiTools.
That' s why you won't find ArchiRuler 2, ArchiWall 2, ArchiTabula and ArchiRotate in ArchiSuite 16, but you'll find ArchiTools, a sort of multipurpose Swiss penknife.
ArchiTerra 3 new features and improvements Improved import feature for survey in .txt format and new support for the Shape (.shp) format.
New feature to Convert shapefile into GDL object (GIS Object)
New feature for the terrain slope analysis
New scarp management for the Road tool
ArchiQuant new features and improvements New component database management
Position of the databases
Suppression of derived headings
Modified component database management interface
New ArchiQuant settings panel
General improvements The single Plug-ins placed in the ArchiCAD 16/Add-Ons folder can't work without tha ArchiSuite Plug-in, that's why we strongly recommend users to place the whole ArchiSuite Folder in Add-Ons.
These's a new Icon to lounch ArchiSuite and it can be used to customize your own ArchiCAD's Work Envirnment to have it on custom toolbar.
Improved WIBU driver and Info dialogue box management.
Available and Supported Versions
Every ArchiSuite refers and works only with its ArchiCAD version, no matter the OS (Macintosh, Win-32, Win-64).
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