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FlexScan3D is a 3D scanning software that interfaces directly with off-the-shelf cameras and projectors to create a custom 3D scanner. The 3D scanner captures measurements of complex shapes quickly to create digital 3D models from physical objects in seconds. This option is especially ideal for engineering and development companies who are looking to build custom 3D scanners in volume for industry applications. FlexScan3D supports a range of hardware options for cameras, lenses, and projectors compatible with the software. Choose the best combination of speed, accuracy, and cost for your particular application.
Is FlexScan3D Software Right For You?
The software development solution is suitable for people who:
would like to manufacture their own 3D scanners in volume for OEM applications
want to build a custom 3D scanner themselves and have the time and resources for this purpose
need flexible 3D scanning capabilities
want to use their own hardware equipment