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PCMark Vantage is a software that you can use to test the capabilities of your computer. For example, if you are a hardcore gamer or web developer who regularly uses applications which put a strain on the computer, then PCMark Vantage can be of assistance. In order to access the trial product, you have to submit your email on the developers' website and input the registry code in PCMark Vantage. Its user interface is very clean and intuitive. Once you have pressed the "Run benchmark" button, the program will perform several suites on your system, which consist of Memories, TV and Movies, Gaming, Music, Communications, Productivity and HDD.
In addition, you can view default settings - resolution, anti-aliasing, AA quality, texture filtering, anisotropic level, repeat sets and HDD suite target.
But you can also visualize the results and submit them online for comparison with other computers, or export them to an Excel file.
The program uses a massive amount of system resources while it's running a benchmark (which is to be expected). It doesn't include a help file and the trial version is severely limited. For example, you cannot configure settings or save results.
Furthermore, PCMark Vantage takes a very long time to do a full checkup on your computer, during which you cannot perform any actions on other processes, since the software will automatically cancel the benchmark.
The bottom line is that PCMark Vantage is a very good tool for analyzing your computer's inner workings. We mainly recommend it to experienced users.
Here are some key features of "PCMark Vantage":
Multi-threaded test scenarios and support for the latest technologies
Multi-Core CPU's, and 3D GPU Shading
Test scenarios for High Definition TV and Movies, Gaming, Our Memories, Music, Communications and Productivity
Brand New HDD Suite of Tests for the latest Hard Drives
Pro online services
PCMark Vantage version 1.2.0 released March 4, 2013:
Trial edition removed. PCMark Vantage Basic Edition is now free and can be run an unlimited number of times without registration or restrictions.
The benchmark no longer tracks application focus, which helps avoid unintentionally ending the benchmark run. Using the PC for other tasks while running the benchmark will influence the benchmark score and should still be avoided.
Now compatible with Windows 8, however, the TV and Movies suite requires DVD playback capability (MPEG2) which is not available in Windows 8 by default. The missing functionality can be added by purchasing the Windows 8 Media Center Pack from Microsoft. Without the Media Center Pack the TV and Movies suite is skipped with a score of 0.
Windows Mail test now works in Windows 8.
SystemInfo updated to version 4.15 for Windows 8 compatibility.
Advanced and Professional Editions
Fixed issues with opening saved benchmark result files.
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