Download key generator for Aescripts: animationPATTERNS 1.2 Plugin for After Effects

animationPATTERNS - Takes your keyframes to the next level! animationPATTERNS is a keyframebased easing assistance, that allows you to edit and create new easing types.It comes with a dockable palette, a set of default interpolation methods like bounce, rubber, pendulum... and is very easy to use!
Similar to your common workflow just select keyframes and apply different easing types, which are called animation patterns here, to them with one click! You can still drag around the keyframes and change their values. All changes directly lead to a new interpolation of the ease.
The focus is clearly on motion, but you can use animationPATTERNS on almost all properties except from shape properties, and those which doesn't allow expressions.
And the best thing: you can edit all animation patterns, and create new ones. Editing will directly effect all animations, which are using the animation pattern.
!animation PATTERNS does not work with properties that already use expressions. They'll get replaced by clicking apply pattern.
- After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6
Release Name: Aescripts: animationPATTERNS v1.2 for After Effects
Program Type: After Effects Plug-in
Release Date: Jan 2013
Interface Language: English