Download key generator for Steinberg Virtual Guitarist VSTi v1.0 WiN/MacOSX

Its always the same problem: Try calling a professional guitarist in the middle of the night when you need a slick 12 string accompaniment for a ballad or a hard metal groove for an advert soundtrack. Introducing Virtual Guitarist a perfect rhythm guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric guitar, including all keys and difficult chords, who never gets impatient, sounds better, always plays 100 % tight, is always completely in tune and who doesnt need to set up his equipment or be miked up, and integrates perfectly into your VST system.
Virtual Guitarist isnt a MIDI drone, its based on guitar tracks recorded by professional guitarists. Thats why you cant tell a Virtual Guitarist track from a real guitar part played live. And you can edit all guitar tracks whenever you like, such as changing the guitar sound, changing the key, rearranging phrasing its all possible.
Virtual Guitarist gives you dozens of guitarists specialized in acoustic or electric guitar. Each one can play their part perfectly, regardless of whether its finger-picking on a classy 12-string, strumming folk on a steel string guitar, funky off-beats, dynamic wah parts, crystalclear LA licks on classic electric guitars and hard metal riffs.
Just choose acoustic or electric. Select a player and youre ready even if youve never played guitar before. You can press single keys, whole chords or use a MIDI track.
Feature Highlights
Two VST instruments acoustic and electric, with stylistically authentic and intuitive user interface
20 different players with a variety of guitars, sounds and phrasing styles
8 parts (variations) per player flexible and variable in real-time
All popular guitar sounds and styles from Spanish to steel string to resonator or clean Strat to Wah guitar, heavy power chords and ultra metal in high Wizoo quality
Variable playing characteristics shuffle (groove), dynamics, timing (tight, loose), syncopated rhythms, long chords
Effects Stereo width, track doubling, low cut / enhancer (acoustic), pickup selector / presence (electric)
Intelligent fret noise for complete authenticity
Flexible real-time variation sound, phrasing with keyboard, mod-wheel, aftertouch, velocity
Economical with system resources
For Cubase, Nuendo and all VST-compatible host applications