Download key generator for Zaxwerks 3D Plugin s for After Effects

Zaxwerks company known for its high quality programs to create special effects for products Adobe, announced the release of popular tools that allow artists to easily create incredibly complex 3D objects, logos and text. Use animated 3D flags with your images, beautiful lettering and logos, and the bright glare of the flash, reflections of objects and your film will be a professional and finished look.
3D Flag 2.0.1
3D Invigorator PRO 6.0.0
3D Layer Tools 2.0.0
3D Reflector 2.0.3
3D Serpentine 2.0.2
3D Warps 2.0.1
ProAnimator 6.0.0
The Werks Volume I 2.0.0
3D Flag 2.0.1
Plug-in for After Effects, which can turn any photo or video in 3D-realistic animation flag, banner or pennant. 3D Flag is easy to use and adds a very professional look to your videos and graphics. Behavior flags created strictly subject to physical laws and depends on wind speed and direction with gravity.
You can use any layer (image, video, animation) to color the flag and determine its shape. You can also choose from a variety of included flagpoles or add your own.
The movement of your flag is easily configurable. You can not only animate the flagpole, and set the speed and direction of the wind, or specify gravity. The flag itself can be hard or soft, depending on the options set in the 3D-editor flag.
If you need a flag on the top of a tall pole, banner, hanging down from the window, or a dramatic background image, 3D Flag can generate images that you are looking for.
3D Invigorator PRO 6.0.0
The instrument of 3D-design, highly regarded in the video and film industry for its high image quality and speed. 3D Invigorator 3D-raises the possibility of After Effects to a whole new level and allows artists to easily create complex, both static and dynamic 3D-objects, logos and text. For a long time 3D Invigorator is popular with artists, special effects and videodizaynerov as one of the best tools for creating three-dimensional titles and logos.
Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator - a kind of 3D Max in Adobe After Effects. Moreover, this 3D-editor focused on the video and it is not overloaded with features, useless or rarely used in video graphics. For example, the most typical problem is solved logos animations volume Invigorator'om "on time." A subtle and sophisticated tools for working with light (results of which are on TV almost not visible), no. Or, given the popularity of all kinds of reflections on the logo, they are "drawn" too bright for real life, but perfect for the television picture. Or work with a camera in Invigorator'e set so that it seems more logical video operator.
Full text editor. Each letter can have its own attributes - font, size, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, verikalnoe and horizontal scaling, color, bevel, and volume;
Lubrication of objects in motion;
Creation of three-dimensional objects from primitives;
Work with reflections, shadows, wire frame in a photo-realistic and cartoon mode;
The global palette of styles, colors, lights;
import models from third-party 3D applications.
3D Layer Tools 2.0.0
An extremely useful tool for compositing and graphics animrovannoy is a fascinating set of plugins, which allows animators to do in After Effects such things with 3D-layers, which are usually very difficult to execute them or time consuming.
3D Layer Tools allows you to rotate, move and zoom the 3D-animated many layers at once with ease and flexibility that were not available before. Layer tools implements advanced management 3D-layers while maintaining prospects for the composition, and the ability of voluntary transformation and transformation layers. It also solves the problems facing users of Photoshop, trying to turn their Photoshop-layers in 3D, but the structure will collapse because of the prospect.
3D Reflector 2.0.3
Plug-in for After Effects, designed to create three-dimensional objects reflections. In After Effects you can do a lot, but still do not reflect so easily. Use 3D Reflector to quickly enhance your scene with reflective surfaces. You need a mirror? Want to simulate polished wood floor? 3D Reflector will come to your rescue!
3D Reflector will work with 3D-text, images and video. Most effects in your scene will also be reflected. Simply select the surface (floor, walls, ceiling) and apply Reflector-effect. One more click to update the scene with a ready reflection.
Using 3D Reflector you can:
Make any 3D plane reflective
reflect any number of 3D-layers
Apply the decline, the disappearance of reflection in relation to the distance
combine other 2D effects to simulate various reflective materials
use in your scenes other plugins from Zaxwerks
hide certain layers to prevent unwanted reflections
3D Serpentine 2.0.2
3D Serpentine makes it easy to extradite way among Adobe After Effects. You just draw a three-dimensional way by means of AE, and the plugin will draw along this moving film, Flying Star, a rotating spiral, three-dimensional shooter. All this is easily animated. You no longer need to leave the familiar After Effects to implement these tasks.
3D Warps 2.0.1
Package consisting of two powerful plug-ins for After Effects - 3D Layer Warp and 3D Grid Warp, intended for varpinga, perform arbitrary deformation of the layers in a 3D twist on any axis, etc. There are many styles available varpinga that can be freely combined with each other.
3D Layer Warp deforms your AE-layers using a variety of styles. You can combine several types of strain to create an infinite number of forms. You can use any layer (image, video, animation) and determine its shape. You can also use a displacement map to create your own style of deformation.
3D Grid Warp also deforms layers, but it has a powerful mesh generator that can be used to create different styles mesh. You also can apply a color map for additional effects. Adjusting the animation lines and deformation parameters, you can create fantastic backgrounds for your motion graphics.
Additional materials, convenient control over the camera, lighting, reflections and glare, make working with these plugins easy and enjoyable, and allow you to create dramatic scenes with ease.
ProAnimator 6.0.0
ProAnimator is the fastest way to create high-quality 3D-animation of text and logos. Can operate as a standalone application and as a plug-in for After Effects, includes all the powerful tools for creating 3D-content like 3D Invigorator PRO. It also contains a next generation animation system that can be used to quickly create complex animations that would take hours of work in other 3D-applications.
ProAnimator comes with a bunch of presets and templates that allows you to create all the animations with a single click. Simply set the color, curves and paste material. No pre-planning, no preparation, while the highest rate of production.
ProAnimator comes in two forms: as a standalone application and as a plug-in for After Effects. Both products are exactly the same, but the plug-in is integrated into Adobe After Effects, so you can do the work without having to leave After Effects. Standalone application does not require a host product, so you can create your animation for any purpose. You can even import the additional flexibility to the scene of an autonomous ProAnimator'a in ProAnimator-plugin (or vice versa).
With ProAnimator you can glue, assemble and disassemble the 3D-animation after their creation. 3D objects are included in the clips are automatically adjusted when changes are made. ProAnimator supports import of 3D-objects from other popular 3D-applications, such as Maya, 3D Studio, Lightwave and SoftImage.
The program has a great collection of textures, the ability to edit the geometry of the object, the installation of the light sources, the ability to import and export of three-dimensional objects in all popular formats (fac, c4d, obj, 3ds, lwo, dxf), the opportunity to render a frame size up to 3656 points in the format TGA. Surprisingly quickly build the frame, make the program a great assistant. ProAnimator reads files Adobe Illustrator'a. Has developed tools for working with text.
The Werks Volume I 2.0.0
Werks Vol.