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Steinberg - Virtual Guitarist
Program Virtual Guitarist, created jointly by Steinberg and Wizoo, contains two plug-in format VST 2.0, designed to perform acoustic guitar rhythm parts (Module Virtual Acoustic Guitar) and electric (module Virtual Electric Guitar). Used recording real guitar driven by MIDI (you can play the "one finger" chords, or use the MIDI-tracks, depending on the MIDI-messages are played different samples).
Party match the song tempo. There are 27 "performers", representing different styles and sounds (finger accompaniment, 12-string guitar, a guitar with metal strings, funky guitar, a "pure" strata, guitar effect "wow", metal), eight variations on each "performer" . Supported variation of sound and phrasing in real time through a keyboard, modulation wheel, communication dynamics and aftertouch. Possible svingovanie, syncopation, "hanging" chords, changing dynamics and rhythm, changing the width of the stereo image, double-tracks, pickup selection (for electric guitar), using a filter / enhancer (Acoustic).