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Steinberg - HALion 3.5 VSTi.DXi x86
NALion 3.5 - software sampler can be used alone or as a plug-in format VSTi, DXi Over 50 new features in HALion 3 include 27 added effects, new sound management tools and technology RAMSave. The new routing system allows you to create and configure the audio outputs, only the required output will be directed straight to the VST mixer application. The new user interface is not only simplified, but also redesigned so that switching between different modes of display HALion 3.5 is minimized
In HALion 3.5 retains all the advantages of previous versions and added more than 50 new features:
Support up to 32 bits and sampling rates up to 384 kHz
-256 Simultaneous voices
-128 Programs simultaneously, an unlimited number of levels in one program
-multitimbral processing of each program
-The ability to configure the settings for each individual sample (useful for work with drum sounds)
filters: narrowband, cut high / low pass, 12 dB or 24 dB, fatness (fat" sound)
-Up to 256 independent outputs