Download key generator for SQL Pretty Printer v3.3.3

SQL Pretty Printer Desktop Version allows you to format your SQL wherever you are regardless of your Internet connection. It generates various output formats, including text, colorful html (Used in web, blog, wiki, forums) and RTF.
Allows you to switch from team "standard" formatting to individually preferred formatting and back for better uniformity in your source control repository. Don't waste time to write an "SQL formatter" feature yourself, It's already here for your .NET application and any COM enabled programming language such as VB, VC.Just write SQL and focus on functionality, don't worry about how many spaces or tabs need to be used to indent SQL. SQL Pretty Printer will do it for you with just one hotkey.Debugging SQL in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET or any Java program is an extremely time consuming job. Quickly converting between SQL and different programming languages is now made very easy.