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BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of the new version 14.0.0 of the ANSA & ETA pre- & post-processing suite, with outstanding new features and tools.
We are proud to release the new version v14.0.0 of our ANSA & ETA pre- and post-processing suite, with outstanding new software features and tools, which enhance the user experience and increase the simulation processes performance.
Driven by our customers' requests and inspired by the Industry's requirement for further simulation process improvement, we deliver a wide range of innovative new tools that bring CAE pre- and post-processing to a higher level.
Notably, in this version, we introduce, among others, the synchronized release of the components of our suite. The installation of the software suite is now driven by a unified installer that provides an easy-to-use and automated step-by-step installation procedure.
- A new Graphical User Interface improves the working efficiency through additional icons, a new layout, and colored grouped toolbars.
- The Selection tool has been enhanced and made available for all functions.
- CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks CAD files can now be directly opened in ANSA.
- A new interoperability with SpaceClaim allows direct geometry modifications, through an export-modify-retrieve loop.
- A new volume meshing algorithm allows now to generate trimmed hexahedral and polyhedral elements without the need for watertight volume definitions.
- A new tool has been introduced for rapid basic volume entities creation.
- Boolean operations with volume and faces are now available.
- The usage of size boxes has been extended to also control the element length for all shell mesh-improvement functions.
- A new dynamic interface for the Connection Manager simplifies and enriches the assembly operations.
- The Part Manager provides now easier model handling through a new configuration tool that organizes and handles a model into different configurations.
- The Comparison tool has been simplified and improved, through the usage of more filtering tools, smart navigation, advanced settings and the support of a new option to compare two models independently from the one currently open and regardless of their format.
- New SESTRA, THESEUS, pre-processing interface modules are now available.
- The Kinetics module now supports static equilibrium, contact, Initial Conditions, and Kinematic simulations.
- Additional keywords for all Solvers are now supported (i.e. LS-DYNA *ALE, *FSI and ABAQUS *CO-SIMULATION).
- New Morphing Boxes are now available (i.e. Tetra, Pyramid) providing flexibility in adjusting boxes to more complex geometry. Additionally, 1-D morphing entities are now supported.
- A Library of predefined shapes (i.e. L, I, Z), allows for rapid creation of new Cross Sections.
- Python is fully supported by ANSA, as its main scripring language, while ANSA retains compatibility with the legacy BETA script language.
[/templates/new/images/grey.gif][url="#">Notable New Features and Tools for Post-processing:
- A new Graphical User Interface improves the working efficiency through additional icons, a new layout, and colored grouped toolbars.
- Asynchronous reading of results now allows working on META while reading results. Additionally the loading process can be canceled.
- JT files can now be read and saved. CFD++ geometry and result files are now supported. Additionally, h3d files are also supported.
- New features on existing decks are added including:
Abaqus elements related to geomechanical analysis (C3D[4-20]P elements).
VDI2014 composite results for Nastran and Abaqus.
Nastran sensitivity results from .op2 and .pch files.
The direct support of .op2 files in 2D Plot.
Nastran DMIG elements and associated Strain energy results.
Support of different mesh per time step for OpenFoam.
- Vector results are now handled separately through a different label menu and a different fringebar.
- Visualization of material and fiber orientation has been added.
- New identification entity (Parametric Point) can perform queries in the inner area/space of elements. Additionally the definition of parametric points either on a line or on a circle through specific GUI is added.
- Medina and ANSYS results are now supported in Linear Combination tool.
- The MetaDB Translator is now available in the standard ?ETA installation allowing for batch-saving results in .metadb files.
- Report Composer has been improved in the creation and the editing of tables. Hyperlinks work also when showing the presentation through ETA. PDF report has been enhanced with searchable text and links.
- NVH ANSYS results are now supported in MAC, Modal response and FRF Assembly tool. Cavity modes can now be imported from a separate .op2 file in Modal response tool. Auto-grouping of curves output from Modal Response and FRF Assembly tools is now available. Moreover, ERP toolbar that calculates equivalent radiated power results has been added.
- Calculation of responses with respect to a user-defined local coordinate system is now available in Modal Response and FRF Assembly.
- Streamlines can now be animated as moving segments, particles, or arrows.
- Python is fully supported by ???, as its main scripring language, while ANSA retains compatibility with the legacy BETA script language.
About BETA CAE Systems S.A
BETA CAE Systems S.A., headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a private engineering software company specialized in the development of state of the art CAE pre- and post-processing software systems.
The company, focusing on meeting and exceeding customers' requirements, is committed to its mission to be the leading force in industrial CAE software solutions.
The company's flagship product, ANSA pre-processor and ETA post- processor package, currently holds a leading position in the CAE software market worldwide. For years now this product sets the standards in many sectors, including automotive, railway, aerospace, motorsports, chemical and academic.
The corporate success is measured by the customer satisfaction through meeting their requirements and sharing the same vision of an industrial environment where CAE dominat
Name: BETA CAE ANSA & Meta-Post
Version: (64bit) 14.0.0
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OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
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