Download key generator for NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 5.0.8

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 5 - reduces the size of large files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG and PDF, making it easy to send them by email. Program NXPowerLite Desktop Edition, used by over a million people around the world, eliminates the "bulge" of files, reducing the file size of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files with a compression ratio of up to 95%. The software also integrates with your email client to automatically compress attachments when they are sent.
Also the program can be viewed in automatic mode, and find ways to optimize the content of the documents. The program is fully customizable, so you can choose the balance between quality and compression. Your documents retain the file format and are fully editable, they can be opened and edited in any copy of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The program interface is translated into several languages, including Russian.
Simple user interface
Optimization of ZIP archives
Batch processing of documents
Integration with e-mail client to automatically optimize attachments
Select the level of optimization
Integration with Microsoft Office
Multilingual interface