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From getting a great tone to releasing the final mix, today's musicians must master every element of the music production process. SONAR X2 is there every step of the way and takes each element to the next level of power and usability. And thanks to the revolutionary Skylight user interface, SONAR X2 lets you move seamlessly among the elements, emohxava instantly going from recording to editing to mixing and back again. Dial up the perfect synth sound with Rapture or a searing guitar tone with TH2 Producer. Record it, tighten it, chop it, and drop it in the Matrix for realtime triggering. Shape it with the expandable ProChannel. Warm it with the new Console Emulator. And do it all with a single Smart Tool. It's genius.
Key features[ulist][*]Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
[*]Enhanced award winning Skylight interface
[*]Seamless usability and workflow
[*]Modular ProChannel
[*]BREVERB SONAR VST and ProChannel
[*]ProChannel Console Emulator
[*]QuadCurve EQ & Softube Saturation Knob
[*]FX Chains plus ProChannel FX Chains
[*]20 virtual instruments
[*]59 audio and MIDI FX
[*]Matrix performance view
[*]Integrated per track arpeggiator
[*]TH2 Producer Amp Sim
[*]Linear Phase EQ and Multi-Band compressor
[*]Automation and Take Lanes
[*]Sound Cloud, MusicXML, and export options
[*]Pristine 64-bit/384KHz audio engine
[*]Everything in SONAR X2 Studio
[*]32 and 64-bit versions
[*]Windows 7 and 8 support
Windows 8 support
SONAR X2a provides full functionality and is officially supported in Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit.
Multi-touch support in Windows 8
In addition to your computer keyboard and mouse, you can also interact with SONAR X2a via touch if you have a compatible touchscreen display. This offers touch gestures for:[ulist][*]Scrolling and triggering cells in the Matrix View
[*]Scrolling and basic multi-touch mixing in the Console View (multiple parameters can be adjusted at a time)
[*]Scrolling and Zooming in the Clips Pane
[*]Adjusting loop marker positions in the Track View
[*]Auditioning and Dragging content from the Browser
[*]Expanding/Resizing/Collapsing of docked views
[*]Control Bar Transport module support
[*]Toggling steps in the Step Sequencer View
Unique Now Time markers
The Now Time marker changes appearance to indicate if playback is stopped, paused, running, or recording.
Playlist View Enhancements
The Playlist has been updated to include the following enhancements:[ulist][*]Updated UI
[*]If a song has already been played, it appears dimmed in the list.
[*]Sort columns in alphabetical, numerical, or date order.
[*]New columns:[ulist][*]Path
[*]Project Length
[*]Date Created
[*]Date Modified
Rich context menu for adding ProChannel modules
When adding a ProChannel module, the context menu shows a visually rich menu with a small thumbnail image of the module, the module name, and a brief description.
Updated Piano Roll view and Staff view Track pane UI
The Track pane in the Piano Roll view and Staff view has received an updated UI, shows more intuitive buttons, and the current track is now highlighted.
Visual feedback when dragging items from the Browser
When dragging items from the Browser, the mouse pointer shows the name of the items.
Accessibility enhancements
SONAR X2's power is now more accessible to vision impaired users.
SONAR X2's accessibility features, including Microsoft UI Automation, expose rich information about its UI elements, such as type, state, name, and value.
With reliable access to this information, vision impaired users can use UI Automation-capable screen reader programs such as Microsoft Narrator, JAWS, NVDA and Window-Eyes to access, identify, and manipulate SONAR's UI elements. The screen readers read aloud what's on the computer screen.
Scan VST folders from the Browser
The Scan VST Folders command is available in the Browser's Plug-ins tab drop-down menu.
Miscellaneous UI enhancements[ulist][*]The Automation Read button has been updated to better indicate its on/off state.
[*]The Automation Write button has been updated to indicate the current automation mode.
[*]VST plug-in names show the proper VST name instead of the DLL file name.
[*]Expanded context menu in the Browser's Synth Rack. Right-click anywhere in the Synth Rack to open the context menu.
[*]The Browser's status bar shows metadata for selected VST plug-ins.
[*]The loop region obeys Snap to Grid when dragging the entire loop region in the time ruler.
[*]Updated zoom faders.
[*]Muted Takes lanes are now shaded.
[*]The Comments field in Take lanes uses a brighter text color for improved readability.
[*]Optimizations made to Tool mouse pointers when using modifier keys
[*]Updated mouse pointers during certain operations.
[*]In the Control Bar's Markers module, the current marker is indicated in the marker drop-down menu.
[*]Surround Bridge UI has been updated.
Direct2D Technology Preview
In Windows 8, SONAR X2a's Matrix View and built-in ProChannel Modules can take advantage of Direct2D, which is a hardware-accelerated, immediate-mode, graphics technology from Microsoft. This option, labeled "Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration," can be enabled in the Preferences dialog on the Display page.
Performance and Stability Fixes
Resolved over 250 bug and stability issues. Including (but not limited to) the following:
Automation[ulist][*]Crosshair is inaccurate in relation to percentage scale under certain circumstances
[*]Unedited automation is not removed when changing the Edit Filter
[*]Erase Tool does not draw feedback rectangle over automation nodes
[*]MIDI CC automation does not render correctly after bounce
[*]Envelopes for previously unused MIDI CC's would have no effect
[*]Under some circumstances, value changes in automation lanes would not reflect in the parent track
[*]CTRL+Drag with Edit Tool to change envelope curves skips Linear curve
[*]Automation goes out of sync when PDC is introduced in a project
FX Chains[ulist][*]ProChannel FX Chain faders reset on Track Freeze (CWBRN-13200)
[*]Changing order of FX in FX bins may open FX Chain windows
Lanes[ulist][*]Delete Hole now operates on all lanes, rather than just the selected one
[*]Crop Overlapping clip tool is not available (CWBRN-10895, CWBRN-11965, CWBRN-12058)
[*]Undo/Redo of Take Lane creation could cause graphic anomalies
[*]Reassigning envelopes on Lanes does not update Edit Filter on Instrument Tracks
[*]T0 lane may be created after recording and switching Screensets
[*]Dragging clips to and from lanes could behave unpredictably
Matrix View[ulist][*]Matrix Captures result in extra data at the start and end of clips
[*]MIDI Cells could get their first note clipped or stuck if timeline was looped in the Track View
[*]Unexpected Note Offs can occur on MIDI cells going direct to a synth
[*]Dragging a clip to the first cell/row could create Row 0 or Column 0
[*]MIDI Cells do not trigger correctly when Cell Start = Restart
[*]MIDI Clips dragged from the Track View will create a cell with a gray progress meter
ProChannel[ulist][*]Set Modules as Default does not respect compressor type
[*]ProChannel EQ Knobs do not hold values on mouse-up
[*]Cannot re-order plug-ins in ProChannel FX Chains on Instrument Tracks
[*]ProChannel Modules may display blank after project save
Piano Roll View[ulist][*]ALT+Right-click does not mute notes in the PRV (CWBRN-11193, CWBRN-11002, CWBRN-11150, CWBRN-11172, CWBRN-11537, CWBRN-11750)
[*]If PRV scrolling is stopped/overridden by making an edit during playback, scrolling will now resume after stopping and then starting PRV -Right-click Locks Scroll- scrolling is not reset when transport is stopped (CWBRN-11776)
[*]Intermittent crashes with program changes in the PRV in SONAR x86 (CWBRN-12807)
[*]Selecting Tracks in Staff View's Track Pane does not switch active track (CWBRN-5724)
[*]MIDI Program Changes are not sent to DXi Synths in real-time (CWBRN-13184)
[*]Selected Track is hard to see in PRV and Staff View Track Pane
[*]Unexpected paste behavior
[*]Draw Tool is sluggish in the PRV
[*]PRV Vert