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Inpixio Photo Maximizer Pro 2012 v1.0 Multilingual /44mb
This application is an easy-to-use solution to maximize your photos in a few steps.
Whether amateur or professional photographer - this software is the heart of every beat, the passion, and photographed from his own shots will highlight the smallest details in clear and razor-sharp clarity. A top software especially for marketers who rely on stunning images of the highest quality.
Up to 1,000-percent increase in your pictures (!) - High Power Zoom 18-zoom capabilities - Improve image quality, sharpness and contrast - in just 3 easy steps to the perfect photo or image cutout photos that can be enlarged without professional software that are usually blurred and pixelated. Exception when using the PHOTO Maximizer - Whether you want to increase whole images or individual parts of the image you want to view your pictures to print or greater: Photo Maximizer allows a microscopically precise magnification of your favorite pictures - without any loss of quality when zooming usually unwanted artifacts (unintentional image changes occur in Compared to the original) and image noise (deterioration of color and brightness).
The program preserves the quality of the image and removes unsightly structures. InPixio Photo With Maximizer, both the sharpness and contrast, and the so-called film grain can be improved. Under Grain refers to the smallest structures of the photos, which are only visible at high magnification. InPixio Photo Maximizer obliterates jagged lines and blocky images. - Using 18 Zoom algorithms increase the program to your photos up to 1,000 percent. This represents a factor of 10 and a 10-fold magnification. - The target size of the image can optionally be specified in pixels or inches. - The desired target resolution (dpi: dots per inch) can also be adjusted. This is particularly essential for future print projects to ensure the quality of printing. - The Photo Maximizer you can for a single image display up to four different zoom results. - Compare magnifications different and choose the best result!
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