Download key generator for Hiren s Boot CD 15.2 Rebuild All in One Bootable CD Full XP w7

CD Boot 2012 - Disk Rescue Professional (Including the 3 - Hiren's - MiniXP - Mini win7)
Rebuild you the CD.Hirens.BootCD in and Portable Mini Win7, MiniXP in the following topic.
See info.txt
File: HIREN.iso
Size: 725440512 bytes
Size: 691 MB
CRC-32: 47BD0F1D
MD5: 0A1C15E3AD0E11602EF975CE42519FB0
SHA1: 9860E14CE6791E41DD8384D03CA16F7EB400F420
SHA256: CA6AAEAAA782685C624C3D796CA701BDE1D7C87506CD355608 DF12DA2336DD7D