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Update Planit Edgecam 2013 R1 SU1 x86/x64 ENG | 2.9GB
EdgeCAM - automated creation of control programs for CNC (computer numerical control)
Developed by Pathtrace Technology. England.
EdgeCAM is designed to prepare control programs for vertical and horizontal milling, modular and multi-CNC. In the program features include:
2.5-axis machining;
3D surface machining;
multiposition processing;
Rotary processing;
5-axis machining with a variety of strategies, prismatic and surface treatment, namely:
spiral or lowercase treatment of the inner regions (pockets), vertical and inclined surfaces with a step in depth;
Profile processing of internal and external contours;
Finishing the interior edges;
spiral finishing processing by the projection of arbitrary curves, circles, closed borders or surfaces previously calculated trajectory;
engraving inscriptions and drawings on arbitrary surfaces.
The program also provides opportunities operations of hole machining on CNC machines with different processing cycles.
Processing of the contour
Specialists Pathtrace expanded functionality loop along the contour and technology have given a new name - Profiling. It includes an updated algorithm scallop height control for 3D-surface treatment. Now calculate the height cusp operates independently in several areas, which precludes desperately.
Turning on CNC machines allows for the control programs of processing of external, internal, face, spiral and helical surfaces of bodies of revolution turning, and Gang multioperational CNC machines, using a variety of strategies:
longitudinal and transverse processing ends;
pretreatment blanks in a longitudinal or transverse direction;
contouring the outer and inner surfaces;
preliminary and finishing exterior, interior and end recesses, cutting one-and multiple threads;
performance of milling operations - turning, milling and B-axis machining.
Pathtrace Engineering Systems since 1984 creates a system of development control programs for CNC machine tools. EdgeCAM developers for 20 years engaged in the creation CAM-systems, always taking into account the comments and opinions. These relationships allow dynamic development program. pic
Additional Information:
WARNING So as not to swing too much
The distribution given two options for updating:
1. Only update the preinstalled Edgecam 2013 R1> .. \ UpdateOnly \ Edgecam2013R1SU1.exe
2. Full independence installation Edgecam 2013 R1 SU1> .. \ FullSetup \ PLANITEDGECAMv2013R1SU1.iso
Also in the distribution list posted separately and bugfixed WhatsNew in 2012 R1 SU1
Date of Release: 2012
Version: 2013 R1 SU1 build 8343
Developer: Pathtrace Technology
Bit depth: 32bit (under Win64 is installed as a 32bit application)
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-MAGNiTUDE / LND)
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