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FTI CATIA (CAA) V5R18-R22 Solutions x86/x64 [2012, ENG] | 378MB
FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions - is a modular application CATIA V5 (CATIA CAA V5) for
Analysis of the technological components, obtained sheet punching and metal cutting optimization
tape. FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions fully integrtrovana in CATIA V5 interface and consists of modules union of simple common interface intended for designers, engineers and setters.
Modules FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions allow you to:
- Quickly calculate the shape scanning;
- To predict the possible problems of manufacturing: education gaps or creases, enought tightening material;
- Determine the final shape of the part with the springing of the metal;
- To analyze the geometry of the die forging force and calculate;
- Optimize cutting pieces of tape;
- Calculate the cost of each product.
Additional Information:
For CATIA V5R20 must be installed SP1 or higher pic
Date of Release: 2012
Version: 40825
Developer: FTI
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team SolidSQUAD)
System requirements:
The presence of pre-CATIA V5 (CATIA CAA V5) Version V5R18, V5R19, V5R20, V5R21, V5R22 (aka V5-6R2012)
Operating System MS Windows
Graphics 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32 768 colours
Memory 1GB + RAM (2GB recommended)
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